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We are proud to announce the launch of the New Mobile App for York St John University. The launch follows the recent announcement by RKC of its another mobile app for the University of Cumbria.

The mobile app enables us to connect better and easier with prospective students. The Mobile App is a comprehensive tool developed to provide important information at your fingertips. This includes the programmes offered, module description, fees, duration and FAQs. And for an application submitted through the App, the application fee is waived! This user-friendly App is available to download on both Android and iOS devices.

Check out official York St John University website to find out more details about the mobile app.

You can download the app at: 


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Master of Leading Innovation and Change Graduations in York Minster, 2013

Graduation 2013 - photo courtesy of York St John University

Graduation 2013 – photo courtesy of York St John University

Fervent readers of this blog will have noticed the relatively long silence from yours truly – no good excuses really, but here I am, back with news from York, where this year’s graduation saw the second batch of the Master of Leading Innovation and Change graduating in the absolutely impressive setting of the York Minster. More than 40 graduates from Robert Kennedy College have attended this year’s graduation, from all over the world, and have been cheered on by hundreds in attendance as their dreams to have a Master’s degree have come true.

Seeing all of you walk on that platform and shaking hands with the Vice Chancellor of York St John University, Professor David Fleming, I was getting goose bumps: such an accomplishment for you, but equally for us, and boy are we proud of you. Let me say that again. We are immensely proud of all of you, and to be honest I am already rubbing my hands in anticipation for next year’s graduation!

Here are some more photos from the graduation ceremony, and I am hoping to be able to post a short clip soon too.

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Congratulations to you all, and we hope to hear of even greater things from you in the future. Hats-off to our new Master of Leading Innovation and Change graduates !

Graduation 2013, hats off! - photo courtesy of York St John University

Graduation 2013, hats off! – photo courtesy of York St John University


April 2013 MALIC Residency in York

Hi everyone,

Just back from York, after an exciting (albeit tiring too!) week with an amazing group of students. Forty-five people from all corners of the world, including the usual suspects South Africa, the UK, Nigeria,  Kenya, UAE, but also some representatives from countries  like Trinidad and Tobago, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Papua New Guinea. The wealth of backgrounds and cultures in any one of these residencies is a source of constant amazement and joy – learning is so much richer for everyone, including teaching and supporting staff.

Dissertation “round”-table discussions

The week was quite busy, but luckily the weather was on our side and did not give anyone any reasons to wish to be outside the classroom – the sun only shone for 10 minutes on Thursday, just enough to give us time to take a group photo in the Quad, the oldest part of the University.

A happy bunch - April 2013 residency in York

A happy bunch – April 2013 residency in York – © George Boak and Brendan Paddison

As you can see, most people still managed to smile despite the intense schedule and serious discussions around research and Master level dissertations. Many of them will have gone back by now to their homes, thinking about their research subjects – and we seriously expect to see many of them back in York for graduation in the Minster.

York does see a bit of sun from time to time, and even for periods of time longer than 10 minutes – a vibrant city, York has a very well developed tourism industry, and that can be seen by simply walking the streets of York during business hours. Since our students were slightly busy during those hours (we all were, in reality), I went out on a documentary mission on Saturday, just in case they missed it.

So, I give you York, in April:

First, the University, with its more modern part in which we were hiding from the rain all week, the FOSS building all the way to the right.

Old and new – a modern campus

Then, the streets leading to the Minster, with a river of people enjoying the sun.

York Minster and the Ghost Walk

A glimpse into the past with this ice cream cart and its customers?

Jackson’s icecream of York

How about the Moaning Lisa, who feared she might fade away from such intense exposure to sunlight?

“The sun’s too bright, I may need sunglasses” © 2013 the Moaning Lisa

The Shambles, much more populated than at those late night hours when some of the people in the above photo group (you know who you are, and don’t even think about saying I was with you…) walked them home…

The Shambles

Live music, which always manages to stop people in their tracks, well, if it is good, I guess, and Ed was indeed amazing! A one man orchestra, and you can tell people were impressed! Look him up on Amazon for an audio preview and let yourself “teleported” to York.

Ed Alleyne-Johnson live in York

Thanks again to all of you attending and sharing with the rest of us your life experiences, visions for the future and hopes for a renewed meeting at the November graduation, be it 2013 or 2014! See you all there!

Live from York: MALIC residency well under way

Hi everyone,

So excited yesterday about meeting a whole group of MALICs that I even forgot to take any photos. I mended this today: here are the MALICs in one of the group-discussion sessions. To be continued with reports from tomorrow’s graduation!

There are many photo cameras in the room – feel free to share your own photos on our Google+ page!

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