Students for students: Greg’s advice on assignment writing

You have probably noticed a bit of silence since my return from York – breaking the routine of daily life has an effect on tutors as well, just as it does on students: had to focus on delivering feedback on midterm drafts for the September cohort, so the blog took the back seat.

Back now, and continuing our series on student tips and tricks, here comes Greg, with a bit of advice on writing assignments. Greg was also in Zürich and had a part in making everyone have a jolly good time.

The floor to Greg:

Live from York: Graduation for RKC’s own MALICs – photos inside!

I have been telling you for about a week now about the excitement this week was to be filled with. Well, guess what, today was graduation day, and we got to see, cheer and hug our very first MALICs to graduate from York St John in the York Minster.

Yours truly had a good seat for taking some unofficial photos, and as promised (and demanded – hi Biliana!), here they are! You might recognise Francis, Adriaan, Reda, Helgi and of course Sarah, George, and Alistair. Susan received the Postgraduate Prize in Leading Innovation and Change, so congratulations are in order!


Live from York: MALIC residency well under way

Hi everyone,

So excited yesterday about meeting a whole group of MALICs that I even forgot to take any photos. I mended this today: here are the MALICs in one of the group-discussion sessions. To be continued with reports from tomorrow’s graduation!

There are many photo cameras in the room – feel free to share your own photos on our Google+ page!

Deanna’s MALIC story

Currently on my way to the airport, heading for yet another week of excitement in York, in the company of more than 50 MALICs: 40 attending their residency, and about 20 attending their own graduation! Will try to have some photos from the event as well.

Seen how so far I am the most prolific RKC blogger, I’m leaving you with a bit of a testimony from Deanna, a soft-spoken jamaican with a big heart.

Sorry for the rather noisy audio, but a room full of MALICs having fun tends to get noisy! Thanks Deanna for sharing your experience with the rest of us and hope to hear from you and the good things that happen in Jamaica!

Students for students: Marcela’s advice on life-study balance and assessing the workload

In Zürich we also met Marcela, management consultant and happy person extraordinaire – and certainly one of the students keeping the group on its toes throughout the week. Here’s what she had to share with herself if she could go back in time to when she first started:

If you think she’s about to burst into laughter, you’re not far from the truth – she is officially the record holder for the number of takes and the one who sparkled the idea of a bloopers video as well … *hint*hint*