2012 Highlights: Graduations at Carlisle Cathedral

As 2012 comes to an end, we would like to share with you one of the highlights of the year: the University of Cumbria graduations held at Carlisle Cathedral on the 22 November.

The graduations were attended by several MBA in Leadership & Sustainability graduates who received their degrees from the Chancellor of the University of Cumbria: the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York.

Graduations are certainly a major highlight of the year for Robert Kennedy College. Graduation time is when talented students from all over the world reach another height in their personal and professional careers, namely the University of Cumbria MBA.  We congratulate Carol Aebi from Colorado, Richard Lau from Bermuda, Laura Caiello from Brasil, Zeljka Plancherel from Switzerland, Johan Poelstra from Poland and all the MBA class of 2012 graduates.

To inspire you in the upcoming year 2013, I am happy to share further photos of our graduations at the Carlisle Cathedral.
The gallery below features our proud 2012 MBA graduates and some of our faculty members including myself, Dr. Alistair Benson, our Deputy Dean Prof. David Duffill and the MBA programme leader Dr. John Luffrum

When do you plan to start your Online MBA or, if you are already a student, when do you plan to graduate? Feel free to leave you comments below !

Dr. iur. David Costa

David Costa is Dean of Faculty and one of the founders of Robert Kennedy College. In his capacity as Dean, Dr. Costa oversees the faculty review process and several of the academic programmes of the college. Dr. Costa holds a Dr. iur. (Doctor Iuris, Doctor of Law) degree from the University of Basel, Switzerland where he researched the law and regulations related to synthetic investment products. Dr. Costa lectures in the area of Investment Law and Money Management, and is a frequent guest on business television channels such as CNBC Europe and Bloomberg Television.


  1. Da Omen

    Graduation ceremony November 2012 looks fanastic. I look forward to mine next year, 2013. Will it be in the same month (November 2013) or should it occur a bit earlier in the year?

    It been the tough journey and finally they reach their goals.Good luck and wish all graduants, staff of UoC, and RKC a prosperous 2013.

    • Hello! yes it will be in November 2013. The dates will be made soon but tentatively it will be between the 18 and 22 November. Thanks for your kind wishes and the very best to you and your family for an happy 2013!

  2. It was fantastic. I know the journey is long but the harvest is sweet, am looking forward to that day but i don’t know when since am just starting. Am informed it takes 18months.
    Am wishing the graduants all the best as they enter into the next phase of thier academic life.

  3. zahid

    Congrats to all graduates and well deserved honor…

    Awsome pics…..great to see our proff and all…..Hope to see you all in Nov13.

    Happy new year..!!!!


  4. Adegbenro Owolabi

    This is another height am eyeing this coming year 2013,i’ll be glad to know more about the programme.This is to enable me to know what to do to start mine.Thanks.

  5. Elias.Ketere

    Well, it’s another Year now that we remember and celebrate with friends and families to compliment the moment to reflect upon our achievements, challenges, failures, weaknesses and strengths. This is also a time of slowly winding down the year and uses our challenges, weaknesses and failures as stepping stones to excel for a better New Year. Whilst some of us had a tremendous year, others had a tremendous year with a few upsets. Regard less of how your year ended, the reality is that you are still alive to maintain your life at that comfortable level or even bring to the next better level. Thus, you are alive to make it happen. To the Graduants, you have done it and I know you have come a long way to this end. You may devise a strategy for next year and do it right with all your best.

    REMEMBER: “The destination is there but it’s the journey that matters”
    “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

    With that I wish you the Graduants, Staff of UoC and RKC a prosperous new year 2013.

    Looking forward to joining you soon.

    Elias. Ketere

  6. Arinze

    Hello Costa,
    This graduation ceremony is colourful, I sincererly wish to enroll for 2013 academic year. Kindly confirm eligibility conditions for me to enable me apply as soon as possible as a Nigerian graduate of Mechanical and Production Engineering.
    Arinze (+2348036745949).egemzona@yahoo.com Waiting to hear from you please.

  7. Yvonne Eba

    Thanks Dr Costa for sharing these very inspiring moments with us.
    I have a little journey ahead of me after 3 terms of the MBALS program at RKC.
    I however, look forward to the rest of the course and graduating also.
    Wishing you and the entire faculty of RKC and UoC a great New Year.

  8. Dear Dr. Costa, colleagues and friends,

    This MBA L&S journey has been one of my richest life experiences! The friendships forged during the courses have continued after the final papers had been submitted. The content, learning and ongoing interaction with lecturers and peers was magnificent.

    I look forward to our graduation ceremony in anticipation – it’s been a pleasure working and learning with you!

    Best wishes for a rewarding and successful 2013!

  9. Mary Nancy

    Dear Dr. Costa,

    The graduation looked great and joyous, graduates celebrated in style the achievement. I admire this and wish to join soon. The financial part is my interest, do you sponsor or is there some help team if one does not manage to pay the required amount in time?



    • Mihai Secasiu

      Dear Nancy,

      We do not offer any sponsorship but the amount can be paid in interest free installments.

      Feel free to contact us by email team at rkc dot edu or by phone: +41 844 007 007 if you have more questions about our fees and installments.

      Thank you!

  10. Pembele

    Best wishes
    I totally agree with you that graduation ceremony is the highest moment of any student. It expresses the final stage of a long training journey fraught with difficulties. To all graduates and college staff, I wish merry christmas and prosperous new year.



  12. Tonny Nsoona

    Dr. Costa.

    As an intending student, you have perfomed your Job exellent! You have answered 90% of the questions I would pose to you.

    I’m looking forward to enrolling in MA in leading innovation & change.Happy New year.

  13. Innocent Anyim

    Thanks for your 2012 graduation photos I had the privilege to view. They are so fantastic. I enjoyed viewing them and looking forward to being part of you, maybe next year -2013. Please send me more details about the MBA program. I look forward to your usual prompt reply.

  14. Getaneh Simieneh

    Hello Dr.Costa,
    Thank you for you share us this inspiring moment.I wish i had been one of the students in the ceremony but i hope i could be part of the graduates of 2013/14.

    with best regards,
    Getaneh Simieneh
    LLB candidate Addis Ababa university 2013

  15. Sabastian Masiyiwa

    Thanks Dr. Costa for sharing the wonderful moments. Hope the same for me as i will start my programme next year.Wish all those that graduated a wondrful career ahead.

    Best wish for a rewarding and successful 2013

  16. Kittichai Rimkeeratikul

    Dear Prof. Costa and all colleagues of L&S
    Great pictures and congrats to the graduates. Hope may get opportunity to anticipate this wonderful ceremony this year 2013 with other colleagues too.

    All the best wishes with successful 2013

  17. edson shimbeza

    impressive graduation pictures one would desire to be one of the graduates next time.hoping to register despite my age am 62 learning is fun

  18. Colin Jeche

    Dr Costa,

    Fantastic! Thank you for sharing these inspiring moments with us.

    Receive my best wishes for a prosperous 2013 to you and the entire RKC and UoC teams.


  19. Lawson Chigwenembe

    Graduation is a rare moment that brings the excitement in life,for it compliments the results of hectic time,i wish i could be one of them Dr Costa

  20. Gibson Chaloba

    I have always wanted to study with your university,the pictures have inspired and i look forward to applying in this new year.
    please advise on the mode of payment.
    best regards

  21. Peter Maudzu

    Dr Costa,

    The photos reminds me my first degree graduation. I wish and dream of joining soon or later.

    Keep it up!

    Congratulations to all 2012 graduates. God bless you all!!!

    One day, it wanna be me.

  22. Grace Simba

    Dear Dr. Costa and RKC Management.

    Congrats for the graduation exercise/Journey, Sharing of Information is very powerful tool in life!It is real inspiring and motivating!. Congratulations to all MBA Graduates in 2012!! Looking forward to join MBALS Fellows in 2013 graduation.

    All the best,

  23. Miriam Musoke

    Best of luck to all those graduates. Am lookinf forward to mine in this year 2013.
    Thanks to online learning and continue the good job Dr. Costa and RKC staff. We do appreciate your work. God bless

  24. Tarek Haj Hasan

    Dear Dr. Costa ,

    It is great to have such nice end after days of hard work ,I am now going through the induction module , I will do my best to be in that position soon.

    Gongratulation all ,


  25. Ismail Ali

    Congratulation to all, and I wish to be & my colleagues in a ceremony 2014 like this great one ,and wonderful.

    Best Wishes.

  26. alphonce

    am sorry i couldt make it there , although i had received your ticket but i had some complications,i hope ill join you the soonest.

  27. Maxwell Horsu

    Hello, Congratulations to 2012 MBA Graduates!!! It’s also my dream and therefore just started my induction module. I can only continue to feel the power of encitement and encouragement.
    This proved also the good work of the tutors as well as the best fit online tool in place to support learning. Looking forward to benefit this support to achieve mine.

    Best regards,

  28. Reginald Makowa

    Nothing is impossible, Congratulations. I am a foot behind & looking forward to your support as I embark on the long journey. Hats off to 2012 MBA Graduates.

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  30. Nadia

    Hello,today my first day I engaged with MBA,Congratulationss for all 2012 graduates ,please wish me good luck to reach my goals

  31. Miguel Camalando

    Dr Costa,

    Seeing the collourful pictures of 2012 MBA graduates, I am more than determined to be one of the Graduates in 18 months to come.’
    I have started my Introduction today.
    Look forward to learning from your excellent team of experts.

    Congratulations to the 2012 MBA graduates.
    May God bless their future

  32. Adesola Adetoro

    These photo news triggered a hope in me. I will be there soon for my own graduation too. Quite nice pictures.

  33. Maria Bokaba

    Congratulations to the 2012 MBA graduates, The pictures and graduates are inspirational and motivate me to continue with the study to also reach the goal of graduating in December 2014

  34. Mervyn Coopen

    Dr David Costa, the Management team and lecturers,
    I am truly inspired by the graduation pictures. I have registered on 01st June 2013 and it is my desire to complete my MBA by the end of 2014. Looking forward to having my own picture on this wall and I am now fully motivated. Cannot wait to get started.

    Best regards

  35. Mitri Baramki

    Hello, Congratulations to all the graduates…Seeing these pictures gives me all the needed encouragement for staring my induction module…and shows the reality of my dream, to see myself in future graduations pictures.
    Looking forward to start this journey…
    Regards to all
    M I t r I

  36. Phillip Eyimina

    Congratulations to the Graduates, and Staff of RKC.
    Its a colourful ceremony, that makes all wish to part of this success.
    I am just starting my MBLS Course now and hope to graduate in 2014.
    Kudos to Dean Dr. coster on the financial market comments.

  37. I’m now fulfilling a lifelong dream and commencing the MBA course – I’ve been delighted at the cooperation and support that the Robert Kennedy College team and the University of Cumbria have provided in the start up.
    I’m looking forward to meeting all my course fellow students during the year and at the final step in our career next year during Graduation – so good luck to you all and let’s work hard and diligently to achieve our goals.

  38. Oluwaseun Ogunpolu

    Dear Dr. Costa,

    Many thanks for sharing these awesome pictures with us and congratulations to all (Students and RKC/UoC team).

    Looking forward to having the RKC experience as well.


  39. Thi Hong Ha Nguyen

    Dear Dr Costa,

    Many thanks for sharing us some photos of MBA 2012 graduation which was very impressed. Congratulations for graduates!

    I am also a student of MBALS 2013-2014 and just start my learning journey but in fact it’s encouraged me to try my best to join and reach my objective and hope to have the same graduation ceremony wirh others.

    Many thanks in advance for all your support
    Kind regards
    Hong Ha

  40. Moses Jenkns

    I consider graduation ceremony a very special occasion and I would like to congratulate all 2012 MBALS graduates for their success.

    I am a 2013-2014 MBALS student and hope to join the prestigious club of UoC/RKC graduates within the next 18-24 months.

    Best Regards.

  41. Duke Ekoh

    Its so nice to see all efforts and commitments paying off, congrats to the graduating class of 2012 and the RKC team. Looking for to this in the nearest future.

  42. Aya M. Nassar Ali

    Congratulation to Class 2012 – they have worked hard to celebrate this great moments. appreciate sharing their success with us hope to share ours with you in 18 month from now
    All success to MBALS Class 2013-2014

  43. Helen Emordi

    Dear Dr Costa

    It’s a delight to see the pictures of graduating students for 2012.

    I am a new student and I hope to be among the next set of graduates. I look forward to a rewarding and remarkable experience in my course of study.


  44. Kafwanka Mundubile

    Hello Everybody, I have been privileged to enroll for this prestige MBALS offered by UoC And RKC. It has always been my dream to be part of this.

  45. D. Ramsawhook

    Hi can you please tell me how much it cost to complete a MBA course with you. Also do I have to attend classes at the university or it is an online course right through?


    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Hello Ramsawhook,

      You can find the full details on each of our programmes on the main RKC website, http://www.college.ch – all our programmes are online, but also all of them have a one week residential component, which is an amazing opportunity to meet your tutors and colleagues in the flesh.

      I hope this helps – do get in touch via the main website and our team will be more than happy to assist you with any other questions you may have.

  46. Luciano Scelza

    These photos are very inspirational to me as I can picture my graduation that is planned to be in 2016! Gaining an MBA has always been a dream of mine and I can now clearly see a way to achieve it…and be there at the Cathedral in 2016!
    Regards to all!


    What a joy to be part of RKC family.
    I am looking forward to my 18 months journery of hard work ahead of me with RKC. Most importantly, I cant wait to meet my profs and peers during our mandatory res weeks.

    Excitement is the word, MBA is the qualification and RKC is the place to be.

  48. Norman Mupani

    I am inspired and encouraged to undertake the MBALS program. I am readying myself for the 2013 Jan class and looking forward to achieving my desired end, the MBALS degree. It dawned on me not many months ago that I need to learn and acquire more and higher knowledge than what I currently possess. Thank you RKC and UoC for the special program.

  49. Lindie

    It is a privilege to be part of this programme. As I have just commenced the MBA, I am working towards completing the programme in a year. May all my fellow students be blessed and enjoy every moment of obtaining more knowledge that will surely empower you to fulfill your destiny! We are the knowledge workers of the future!

  50. Shauna Pugh

    How lovely to see the success after 18 months of toil! I have passed my OB and aim to graduate in 2016 MBA LS. I have set myself an extra goal of reaching for a MBA with distinction and then to follow with a PhD – this study has really opened my eyes to a whole world of achievement. Good luck to all!

  51. Darrel Jourdain

    It surely is a memorable moment during which your hard work of the previous year(s) is being rewarded with a highly respected and honorable MBA Diploma.

    I just started the MBA program last week and I am going through the induction course right now. I am planning to complete my final dissertation God willing in June/July of 2016. It depends also on a available date in May 2016 to start my final dissertation.

    Regards to all.

  52. Pelisa

    It is a privillage for me to be the part of this programme MBALS and is really exciting. I can’t wait to walk the talk after the great knowledge and experience I will get from the University of Combria and RKC. Leaders are not born are produced and developed, as I am proudly starting my journey in this institution of my choice ,I believe in and outlined my journey. I wish all of you all the best.

  53. Mustapha K Mansaray

    What an amazing and inspiring graduation highlight!
    As I go through my induction starting July 23, 2015, I have gathered more momentum to swiftly walk through all modules and hopefully graduate in 2016 with a distinction in MBALS. I can’t help pondering over such a great and unique initiative of its kind by RKC.
    “Never say Never”, as it can happen sometime anyway. RKC is surely going to make me realize my dream of an MBA come 2016.
    Thanks to the initiators and hope to meet at the Carlisle Cathedral in 2016 for my graduation.

  54. David Andrew

    Really looking forward to mine next year in 2017. It will be a defining moment for many reasons.
    I’ve just started my MBA studies and am really looking forward to undertaking the course.

    Good luck to my fellow students and congratulations to all that have already completed their studies.

  55. Sibusiso Ntsala

    Hi Colleagues,

    Having finished the MSc Global Management, I have returned for the MBA Finance & Sustainability. The contageous inspiration for excellence in this college and the encouragement to pursue the dream of acquiring the key of education for success are both the primary catalysts that have brought me back to Robert Kennedy College for pursuance of the MBA.

    My hope is for a possibility of a DBA or PhD offer from RKC. You can rest assured that the culture and history of excellence that is evident at RKC will bring me back again for this.

    Thanks very much indeed for the priviledge & opportunity of belonging here.

  56. Alain Blaise

    Hello Everyone
    Nice to be here.
    I can’t wait next year for my graduation ceremony.
    Congratulations for already graduated students.

  57. Msara Aldramley

    Hello All,
    I am very excited to go through this year in MBA and get me graduated soonest.
    Congratulations for graduated students.

  58. Dada Ezekiel Ayodeji


    The graduation and pictures look fantastic. I look forward to when I will be graduating. I started this program in July and hope to use this as a springboard and motivation not relent until I achieve.


  59. Victoria Kinlock

    The graduation ceremony looks so inspiring. I have just registered in MBA 2018. I am looking to complete the course come December 2018. i can’t wait when I will be robed. proud moment that will be.

    • Sharon Croft

      I’ve just started in MBA 2018 and I’m very enthusiastic all that I will learn and accomplish this year and yes, ultimately graduation. The photos will serve as inspiration and helps me to visualize. Thanks for posting!

  60. Azuka Makinde

    Greatly inspired by the three stories, most importantly the second story on Love and..
    It was such a great courage and faith to start again after being fired by the company you started. I am encouraged!!

    …looking forward to my own graduation in MBA L&S this year,2018

    Thank you.

  61. Abdul Abdulsalam

    Very inspiring photos, and also motivational. I am looking forward to my soon, hopefully within the current academic year.


  62. Mavis Knight

    Graduation photos look amazing. I hope to be wearing such lovely garments and featuring on this site in future. Very inspiring indeed!!

  63. Syeda Anam Younus

    Wonderfull graduation pictures and congratulations to all the students. Looking forward for my graduation in 2019 with all my collegues. This is truely an inspiration.

  64. Jean Elie Bitty

    I am finally in for the MBA in Leadership and Sustainability this year! Will be proud to complete one of the greatest achievment in my life! Ready for the venture

  65. Amanda Schembri

    Well done to all the graduates, especially those who have finished their program recently. I am just about to start this journey. I’m hoping it will be a good one and that one day, I too will get to graduate from this college. Thank you to all those who have made the start of this experience already a pleasant one and for always being so informative and supportive.

  66. Rosemary Mills

    I’ve just enrolled on the course MBA EL – I think graduation will be a few years away yet but congratulations to everyone that has made it already

  67. Ngozi Okin

    Wow…the pictures are so lovely. It’s a good feeling to celebrate and be celebrated after all the hard work. I just enrolled for my MBA in Risk Management. I look forward to my graduation in early 2021. Congratulations to all Graduants.

  68. Paul KLinguer

    I ve just enroled for the MBA IHM and your graduation pictures is inspiring. I m looking forward to be part of the residency team
    Best regards

  69. Genevieve Evangelista

    Very nice photos which depicted beautiful memories. I just enrolled in MBA IHM and i hope to graduate and be like everyone else in those photos by end of 2021!

    • Hello Genevieve, These are indeed beautiful memories and I can speak for all RKC graduates. Wish you all the best for your new academic journey. I am sure you would graduate with flying colours and make memories of your own! We would like to hear from you; don’t forget to share your success story with us!

  70. Olugbenga Akinwumi

    Beautiful pictures indeed! It is a great feeling and anticipation!
    It is going to take hard work and commitment. However I am full of joy contemplating the final outcome. I am excited about my enrollment for the MBA in Digital Marketing and the opportunities that will follow.
    Congrats all of you! Enjoy every moment of this because you deserve it! Congrats again.

    • Thank you Olugbenga. We feel your excitement and joy in anticipation of proud completion of the MBA programme. I am sure your hard work will pay off with amazing opportunities knocking your door.

  71. Embarking on the Healthcare Management MBA with a lot of trepidation! The pictures from the graduation are an inspiration. What a spectacular setting. Hope to be there in 2021, fingers crossed.

  72. Mumin Hakim

    Congrats to the 2012 graduates! Great memories indeed! I just enrolled in the MBA IHM program and look forward to the journey ahead!

    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Good to have you on board Mumin – hope we’ll be able to support you all the way through your own graduation in due time!

  73. Sa'ed Al Najjar

    Amazing memories, wondering when my turn will be? ‘Nchallah 2021 will be my MBA graduation year, I registered Today and hope this will be the starting point for a new career path.

    • Absolutely Sa’ed! We wish you luck on your new career path. Hoping you will have an exciting journey all the way to your own graduation in 2021. Don’t forget to share some pics with us 🙂

  74. Driton Jakupi

    This is fantastic. I will put the whole of my energy on completing the Stud asap. Thanks for sharing that great momentum!

  75. faris Ali

    Thank you for sharing these great and inspiring moments.
    I will work hard to become one of your graduates next year.

  76. Sameh Farouk

    Thank you for sharing these fantastic, inspiring memories.
    I am looking forward to being there. I am almost done with the MBA program and working on my dissertation.
    Thanks for all who supported us for our study.

  77. Zaid Mashini

    Just started my MBA, planning to graduate in one year time hopefully! The pics looks inspiring and look forward to meeting my tutors next year during the graduation ceremony.

    Good luck to All,

  78. Zaid Mashini

    Very inspiring, Just started my MBA and look forward to meeting the tutors during the graduation ceremony!

    Good Luck to All,

  79. Amani Kouadio

    Wonderful pics. I’m just starting my MBA and I am eager to embark in this exciting journey leading to my graduation in two years.
    for sure I will need the help of everyone of you.

  80. Jinu Joseph

    Hi I would like to submit my dissertation this year when can I get my certificate
    I had cleared and pass all my 6 modules away dissertation

  81. Omorodion Lucky

    I’m inspired looking at the colourful pictures.

    I look forward to meeting my tutors during graduation ceremony soon. Though I’m just about starting my MBA .



  82. Tadeusz Kościński

    I’m just starting. Very excited about embarking on this journey.

    Congratulations to all those clever students completing the course.

  83. Jombo Onuoha

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. My journey has begun to this destination of graduation at University of Cumbria (in partnership with Robert Kennedy College). My first graded module in this programme of MBA-International Business begins next week on August 2nd, 2021. I am so excited to have made this choice to be part of this great academic community (UoC and RKC).

  84. Stephen Fourie

    Thank you for sharing. It is always nice to see others succeeding on their journey.
    I hope to see our pictures up there in the future.



    Thank you for the inspiration, as new student of MBA 2021 I am looking forward to having such great of honor when graduating ! “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’
    Andy Nguyen

  86. Osei Kwasi Sarpong

    Graduation day is a moment of acquiring the accolades of all your hard work and the intellectual presentation done.
    Very glad to know that Cumbria university and RKC college highly esteem this day, and I look forward to see when I will reach this stage.

    Though a registered student but still trying to find the most convenient times out of my busy schedule to start this programme.

    Osei Kwasi Sarpong

  87. Andrew Adams

    Congrats to the all who finished and graduated over the years and in particular this year 2021.

    I am happy to be in the MBA program and I am looking forward to graduate in 12 months time.

    All the best to my batchmates and looking forward to meet you on our MBA journey.

  88. Gulsah Can Yildirim

    Thank you for sharing these pictures, it is truly inspiring.
    Congratulations to all the Graduates!
    I am very excited to be starting on this journey and I am looking forward to completing my MBA International Relations and Diplomacy within 12 months.
    I would love to being able to travel and being on stage for my own graduation as well.
    Let´s see what 2022 has in the gift box for us.
    Kind Regards,
    Gülşah Can Yildirim

  89. Junaid Shaikh

    Thank you for sharing the photos and comments, which are truly inspirational.
    My journey has just begun to this destination of graduation at the University of Cumbria (in partnership with Robert Kennedy College).
    I am excited and look forward to this milestone.

  90. Mohammad Almarabeh

    Thank you all for sharing the graduation pictures, it’s giving us the motivation to work hard to find ourselves soon between these pictures.

    My learning journey with RKC is just started, wish me luck!

    Best Regards

  91. Rodney DESTINE

    Dear all,
    Inspiring memories! Well done.
    Thank you so much for sharing these awesome pictures which are truly inspirational and bring motivation to work hard.
    I am embarking on this new learning journey with Robert Kennedy College in partnership with the University of Cumbria in MBA Public Health Management.
    I am so excited and look forward to achieving this milestone in two years with the team’s support.
    Best regards,

  92. Ansy Bourdeau

    I’m looking forward to start with my program. It is a privilege to be part of this great family of RKC.I’m grateful

  93. lamack dzviti

    I am excited to have embarked on this MBA journey with RKC and the University of Cumbria. I am inspired by those who have already walked the journey and am hopeful that my journey will also inspire others in the near future

  94. Joseph Patemba

    I am quite excited to have secured a place to study MBA in International Relations and Diplomacy which will add and polish up well on my background studies in Politics as well as Human Rights at Bachelor’s degree level. I am also very inspired by Steve Jobs’ speech in the video clip.

    Looking forward to learning more from colleagues, lecturers, and study materials before my Dissertation and Graduation too.

    All the best everybody!!!

    Warm regards,


  95. mohamad alchaar

    very inspire photos, i just have the approval for MBA,s in international health management
    its dream for me i hope i can get it

  96. Alison Parker

    Pleased to finally be a part of the MBA in International Relations and Diplomacy. Photos are truly a motivation and I look forward to the journey ahead.

  97. Eddy Visser

    Congratulations to all Graduates who embarked on this journey before me. I look forward too taking to the stage in our Graduation ceremony.

  98. Yawa Sitsofe Ahawo

    The photos are Beautifull. I am excited to have embarked in an MBA in Risk Managment with RKC. I do not have a photo of my first graduation. Hence, I am looking forward for my graduation ceremony with the Cumbria University.

  99. Congratulations to those who completed the MBA at RKC. I am on my way to  achieve my goal for MBA in Leadership and Sustainability. I am a new start.. My target is to complete this master programme in 24 months. Wish to be at the hall for the MBA certificate in 2025. 

  100. Solomon Ayikumah

    It’s exhilarating to see all graduates reap the reward for the hard-earned MBAs.
    I am looking forward to same exciting learning experience and meeting colleagues at graduation.

    Best wishes to us all!

  101. Michael Olawale Adedokun

    Very inspiring, insightful, motivating comments with nice pictures. I am about to start my MSc in Data Analytics, seriously looking forward to a time like this. I am very excited to be here.

  102. A.R. Miller

    Excellence! Truly inspiring! I intend to be in the graduation class of 2024. I am currently enrolled in the MBA in International Relations. A very late start due to circumstances beyond my control.

  103. Samar Jouini

    Thank you for sharing these agreeable moments with us, which motivate and inspire us to work hard and achieving our goals. I look forward to being graduate in MBA in HM from UoC and RKC celebrating in 2025 graduation ceremony.

  104. Ali Farahani

    Very inspiring, beautiful pictures, and a lot of joyful smiles!

    I am starting my MBA in Artificial Intelligence at RKC and the University of Cumbria this Sep 2023 – should everything go as planned, I am hopeful to be among the graduates of 2025. 🙂

    Stay safe & healthy!

  105. Yvette Benoit Angervil

    Just looking at the pictures, everyone can say that it was an amazing day! Congrats to all the graduates. I look forward to being part of the team that will be graduated in MBA Public Health Management programme at RKC in 2025.

  106. Muhanna AlRashdi

    Such a Terrefic graduation ceremony. Wondering to join the 2025 graduation in University of Cumbria. Vibes looked spectacular, wish all the graduates the best endeavors.

  107. Nawal El Makhfi

    Amazing photos!
    Congratulations on your well-deserved graduations. I am a new MBA student and looking forward to my graduation ceremony. Wishing you all the best.

  108. Sheena Archer Moss

    I am elated to be a part of Kennedy College. I am also extremely excited to be studying for my Masters in Public Health Management. Graduation will be an interesting day for me.
    I love the photos.


  109. Vijay Krishna

    Just enrolled to MBA in Leadership & Sustainability & glad to be a part of Global Team under RKC. Certainly planning to get it cleared in 2 years & be a part of graduation ceremony in November 2025 :-).

    Kudos to all who have succeeded & earned yourself a Masters & all the very best to the ones who’re preparing for it.

  110. Fitzroy Tyrrell

    Hello, I just enrolled in MBA Educational Leadership. Congratulations to all who were successful.
    Fitzroy Tyrrell

  111. Willet Q. B. Karonga

    I am excited to be enrolled in the RKC-Cumbria MBA course starting today 2nd April 2024. I have my eyes on graduating in 18 months. I look forward to attending the graduation ceremony. It looks fabulous.

  112. Chris Moses

    Started my MBA in AI recently 😀!
    Looking forward to completing in two years. May 2026.

    Congratulations to all the graduates!

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