April 2013 MALIC Residency in York

Hi everyone,

Just back from York, after an exciting (albeit tiring too!) week with an amazing group of students. Forty-five people from all corners of the world, including the usual suspects South Africa, the UK, Nigeria,  Kenya, UAE, but also some representatives from countries  like Trinidad and Tobago, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Papua New Guinea. The wealth of backgrounds and cultures in any one of these residencies is a source of constant amazement and joy – learning is so much richer for everyone, including teaching and supporting staff.

Dissertation “round”-table discussions

The week was quite busy, but luckily the weather was on our side and did not give anyone any reasons to wish to be outside the classroom – the sun only shone for 10 minutes on Thursday, just enough to give us time to take a group photo in the Quad, the oldest part of the University.

A happy bunch - April 2013 residency in York

A happy bunch – April 2013 residency in York – © George Boak and Brendan Paddison

As you can see, most people still managed to smile despite the intense schedule and serious discussions around research and Master level dissertations. Many of them will have gone back by now to their homes, thinking about their research subjects – and we seriously expect to see many of them back in York for graduation in the Minster.

York does see a bit of sun from time to time, and even for periods of time longer than 10 minutes – a vibrant city, York has a very well developed tourism industry, and that can be seen by simply walking the streets of York during business hours. Since our students were slightly busy during those hours (we all were, in reality), I went out on a documentary mission on Saturday, just in case they missed it.

So, I give you York, in April:

First, the University, with its more modern part in which we were hiding from the rain all week, the FOSS building all the way to the right.

Old and new – a modern campus

Then, the streets leading to the Minster, with a river of people enjoying the sun.

York Minster and the Ghost Walk

A glimpse into the past with this ice cream cart and its customers?

Jackson’s icecream of York

How about the Moaning Lisa, who feared she might fade away from such intense exposure to sunlight?

“The sun’s too bright, I may need sunglasses” © 2013 the Moaning Lisa

The Shambles, much more populated than at those late night hours when some of the people in the above photo group (you know who you are, and don’t even think about saying I was with you…) walked them home…

The Shambles

Live music, which always manages to stop people in their tracks, well, if it is good, I guess, and Ed was indeed amazing! A one man orchestra, and you can tell people were impressed! Look him up on Amazon for an audio preview and let yourself “teleported” to York.

Ed Alleyne-Johnson live in York

Thanks again to all of you attending and sharing with the rest of us your life experiences, visions for the future and hopes for a renewed meeting at the November graduation, be it 2013 or 2014! See you all there!

Dr. Radu Negoescu

After finishing his MSc in Computer Science and working as a freelance consultant for several companies, including RKC, Radu went back into research and completed his PhD in Computer Science at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL) and the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny. His research interests lie at the intersection between traditional computer science and human behaviour, and he has now returned to RKC hoping to pass forward some of the knowledge and skills acquired during his PhD studies to current and future managers, while at the same time help RKC maintain its long-standing focus on quality.


  1. Thanks, Radu, for the reminder of a wonderful week. I think all that is missing is a night-time version of the many pubs visited and local ales sampled. It was a wonderful experience both in campus and off campus and a great way to feel connected and to know there is a strong support network out there. I nominate you as the official tour guide for the next group, together with Keith of course who organised the pub crawllll.

  2. Mahen Sandrasagren

    I see what you mean about lighting, you must have really enjoyed yourself taking those photos………great photos. They show York in a different light, so to speak.
    Take care.

  3. Mohammed Baswail

    It just want to say a big congratulations to every one of the group, to sped a week time in the amizing (yourk city) was very wonderful.
    Even the life in the activity at the university looks very exciting.

    Good luck to all & Best Wishes

    Mohammed Baswail
    Business Development Consultant

  4. Henry

    That is extremely fantastic being there for the week visit, It is only through a hard work to have change in life and innovation and be able to lead others. may congratulate all in the photo group for their struggle, I hope they have enjoyed being at that fantastic week.

  5. Themba Phiri

    This is great am moved. I will be joining soon after procrastinating for 2 years. This time is for real.

  6. Bakare Jide

    Waoh! This is splendid. Just impressed with what I saw….Can’t really wait to see myself in participating in this program.Regards

  7. Ogo

    Interesting and really nice to see all, its all beautiful.

    I am seriously planning to register for the Course around September 2013.

    Cant wait…….


  8. jose Manuel

    I am preparing myself to join but still waiting for the response after sending the resume and phone call interview till now no confirmation of go ahead.
    Carlos Manuel

    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Hello Carlos,

      My colleagues in Admissions are busy bees these days, with a new term starting next week, so I assume they will get back to you in due time – we do contact all applicants, whether the decision is positive or not. So if you submitted your application form, you are guaranteed to be contacted soon.

      Hope this helps

    • Matthew


      I don’t think it is possible to do an MBA in one semester. In regards to fees for the full programme, please kindly check the website.

      Best regards,
      Matthew ( MBA Student, RKC )

  9. Kathar Ali

    very good this potential things. i want to do this same degree with rkc. kindly give the path to arrive that commitment. please.

  10. Clarice V. Legazpi

    Dr. David,

    Thank you for the reminders. It’s so interesting to join you but at this point in time, I can’t afford it. I’m trying to source out and do what I can to get myself in your program at the soonest possible time. I hope in time I can be joining you.


  11. wamanga massa yashien

    I really appreciate your information Dr. David but i really need to see Actuarial career programs in University

  12. Paulo Sergio Henriques Candieiro

    I am preparing to join you soon. But i would like to know if i have to travel or its full course online? Thanks!

  13. Dr. Radu Negoescu

    Hello Paulo,

    The programme does have a one-week long residency – this is the event I am describing in this post. All the people you see in the photo travelled for this one week alone, having attended the rest of the modules online.

    I’d recommend you have another look at the official website describing the programme – it explains in detail the structure and requirements, including this part about the 99% online, 1% residency 🙂

    • Monique

      Hello Dr.
      I am writing form Colombia in South America, and would like to receive information about your online MBA program?
      When would I be abble to start?

      Thank you very much…


      • Dr. Radu Negoescu

        Hello Monique, you can find the details about the MBA programmes on the main website, at http://college.ch – if you have any questions that are not answered there, you can request a call back from one of our team members via the request for information form, and someone will get in touch to answer your questions. Good luck!


    Hello Sir,

    I have not received a reply to my request, so I says in last week that I am one of the poorest man, ut I want to learn online and gain the Master in Leading Inovation and Change.

    Could you please help me and send a Honest personnel who can help. In God I trust and I will reimburse all fees later.

    Best regards.

    Emmanuel Ngulu

    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Dear Emmanuel,

      The college does offer financial help, in the form of interest-free instalment plans (you can find the details on the programme page), but I am afraid that no scholarships are available at this time.

      Hopefully in the future such scholarships will be available, in order to allow outstanding students to profit from this learning opportunity.

      All the best in your endeavours.

  15. Simeon Motsi

    This is an insightful and informative literature about the university and the MBA Programme. Am working on my finances, and the proper timing to register, otherwise I am thoroughly persuaded that this is the way I should go.

  16. Michael Steven Juma

    Dear Dr Radu,
    Greatly inspired with the learning atmosphere, teaching approaches and level of interaction among students and lecturers at York University. Currently finishing my MBA at RKC (working on chapter 4 of my MBA Dissertation) and would like to pursue PHD at York University in the coming fall. Your advice on the procedures for PHD admission would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Hi Michael,

      As we do not run any PhD programmes online with any of our partners, probably the best way is to contact the University whose programme you are interested in directly. I am afraid I do not have any information about this myself.

      Good luck!

  17. Adlan

    Good day All.

    I would Like to enquire on doing the course abroad on campus , all of the information and emails I have been receiving since the day I contacted the university is about learing the course online . so what about being there and attend classes regualry

    Please feed me back about this as I am having a high potentionl learning and I would love to have the opportunity to make it to campus 🙂

    Thanks and warm regards,
    Adlan Hatim

    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Hello Adlan,

      Thank you for your interest – as you have rightly pointed out, we specialise in online learning. For on-campus programmes, please see the University website directly.

  18. devan Naidoo

    I am Very keen to register for One module to the Masters Innovation and Change, how can I get Financial assistance with interest free, after passing 1st module I register for more modules.

    Note: if you have a student qualified from South AFrica please provide his/hers details OR you can ask them contact me. Thanks


  19. Miguel Camalando

    Dear Devan,

    I live in Jhb -Gauteng, South Africa.
    We can network and discuss further, I have just started with my introduction at UoC , RKC.


    Miguel C

    • Hi Devan and Miguel!

      I am based in Sandton, JHB and I’m just about to finish my second module
      at MALIC. Drop me a line if you need support. It’s been one heck of a learning curve but the support and availability of staff has been astounding. +27825555992

  20. It quite lovely to be in school again the discussions etc in class
    and listening to each others views is really an experience which is also good for networking and advancement .
    The town sessions are also fruitful for unwinding the system after a hard days work on the books
    Enjoy and study well

  21. Ganna

    Hi Dr. Radu,

    These were amazing photos. Hope I can manage it, too. I would love to visit York or Zurich and meet everybody. Yesterday upload my second assessment, hope it will get more scores then first one. Your comments and post are very sufficient, thank you very much.



  22. Jeanette Tulloch-Jordan

    The week of April 2013 that was York was most inspiring. As an attendee, I would thoroughly recommend the experience to others.

    It was an opportunity to advance one’s knowledge as well as an ideal opportunity to network with individuals whose diverse careers and backgrounds merely aided and enhanced one’s own development.

    I, therefore, thank everyone who facilitated the process.

    With kindest regards.


    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Hi Jeanette,

      Thank you for your kind words – for us as well it was a great experience meeting you in person. Looking forward to seeing you at the graduation!

  23. Dorothy

    Great to read this posting

    Am getting ready to attend a residency in Zurich. Where do I get advise on accommodation?

    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Hi Dorothy,

      I hope by now you have found the info in the module syllabus, if not, please contact StudentCare.

  24. Azevedo Macamo

    Hi all, i am busy planning & organizing a residency for July, I am attending MBALS, it is not in York but in Lakes district! I wish things go like this experience

    Wish all good luck in dessertations and life as well


  25. Constantino Culenga

    Hi, enveryone!
    I have just enrolled for the leadership and susteinability programem. I am going to start soon. As it is my first time to study online, i would like to know how difficult it is. I mean, how meny hours a das I need to study só that I can have success?

    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Hello Constantino,

      Congratulations for making it! I suggest you consult the student handbook and the Induction module, all the necessary info to be successful is in there! If you have questions, the best way to get answers is to ask them via our OnlineCampus support services.

      Good luck!

  26. Ikome Neal Mbella

    Hi,i was receiving infos from your institution at first.But i changed my e-mail adress. Pls could u update me with infos, because i am interested to study in your institution.

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