Master of Leading Innovation and Change Graduations in York Minster, 2013

Graduation 2013 - photo courtesy of York St John University

Graduation 2013 – photo courtesy of York St John University

Fervent readers of this blog will have noticed the relatively long silence from yours truly – no good excuses really, but here I am, back with news from York, where this year’s graduation saw the second batch of the Master of Leading Innovation and Change graduating in the absolutely impressive setting of the York Minster. More than 40 graduates from Robert Kennedy College have attended this year’s graduation, from all over the world, and have been cheered on by hundreds in attendance as their dreams to have a Master’s degree have come true.

Seeing all of you walk on that platform and shaking hands with the Vice Chancellor of York St John University, Professor David Fleming, I was getting goose bumps: such an accomplishment for you, but equally for us, and boy are we proud of you. Let me say that again. We are immensely proud of all of you, and to be honest I am already rubbing my hands in anticipation for next year’s graduation!

Here are some more photos from the graduation ceremony, and I am hoping to be able to post a short clip soon too.

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Congratulations to you all, and we hope to hear of even greater things from you in the future. Hats-off to our new Master of Leading Innovation and Change graduates !

Graduation 2013, hats off! - photo courtesy of York St John University

Graduation 2013, hats off! – photo courtesy of York St John University


Dr. Radu Negoescu

After finishing his MSc in Computer Science and working as a freelance consultant for several companies, including RKC, Radu went back into research and completed his PhD in Computer Science at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL) and the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny. His research interests lie at the intersection between traditional computer science and human behaviour, and he has now returned to RKC hoping to pass forward some of the knowledge and skills acquired during his PhD studies to current and future managers, while at the same time help RKC maintain its long-standing focus on quality.


  1. Greg Lynas


    Fantastic to see you again, and great photos! It really was an amazing day. Like to residential program (for me it was Zurich), it lent an sense of tangibility to the overall learning experience.

    I would whole heartedly recommend attending the graduation to MALIC’s currently studying, it’s an experinece you won’t forget or regret.

  2. Patricia Quinn

    Heartily agree Greg. Wonderful photos and what comes across most, is the sheer delight on everyone’s face – not one serious one amongst them. Thanks Radu for sharing.

  3. Mai Abu-Shanab M.Sc, MALIC, Senior Architect

    Dear Radu,

    Personally, attending the graduation ceremony at York was important to convey appreciation and gratefulness to MALIC professors / team who supported us during our study. Thanks for creating a unique environment for such online learning and thank you once again for all efforts and follow up on all program issues.

    For the ceremony, it was very exceptional, well organized and so nice.

    Thanks and regards,


    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Hey ladies (and Greg), thanks for the comments! Great to see you all again and who knows, we will maybe meet again!? The world is getting smaller and smaller, so I wouldn’t be surprised 🙂

      Keep well!

    • Amer

      Dear Mai
      First of all congratulations for your graduation.
      Please if you are from Jordan, I just need to know if high education council will validate your graduation certificate for online learning degree from York University.

      Appreciating your reply

      Thank you

      • Dr. Radu Negoescu

        Hello Amer,

        As Mai may not be following these replies, let me try to answer too … Since the degree is the same as that of full time students who study in YSJ on campus in York, it would surely be accepted anywhere YSJ degrees are accepted. Hope this helps

        • Mohamed khalil

          Dear dr.Radu
          I am from Egypt and I have the same inquiry of amer and I want to ask about if this certificate qualify you to work in Europe if want.
          Accept my regards

          • Dr. Radu Negoescu

            Hello Mohamed,

            If it is the same inquiry, it is the same answer too 🙂

            We have quite a few students from Egypt – UK degrees are accepted without any problems, as far as I know – to be safe, you can inquire with the authority you are concerned about, in Egypt.

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  5. Mitra Najafi

    Dear MALIC graduates,

    (If any of you are still reading this – I hope so!)

    As I was browsing the graduation pictures generously posted by Radu, some of the faces were familiar, evoking fond memories – others less familiar, only having “seen” you on the Online Campus. But for all of you, seeing the big smiles, the delight and pride showing on every face as you received your diplomas, warms my heart more than I can say.

    Being able to see some real, tangible positive impact that your work has contributed to, in however small a way, is one of the best things anyone can wish for – thank you for giving me this feeling today.

    My heartfelt congratulations to all of you on your achievement and wish you all the best of success in making this world of ours a little bit better place with your newly-gained knowledge.

    My very best wishes to you all,
    Mitra (former StudentCare representative)

  6. Alla Abramova

    I have just opened this wonderful page in attempt… to find my diploma somewhere here attached 🙂 There is yet no… I guess however that no one can take our MALIC knowledge, and even MALIC spirit, away from us, regardless of a paper-back alloted credits, indeed in attempt to make this world a bit better place while looking for any opportunity for ‘innovation and change’!

    Congratlations to all my colleagues and definitely MALIC staff, who took good care of us! A sounding and loud “thank you” to all of you for enabling us to move on closer to our ideals and more tangible objectives! Hopefully in this case the effort was mutual 🙂 And I really cannot wait to change something!

    MALIC alumnus

  7. Samer

    Dear all,

    It was indeed a pleasure meeting all of you again in York, we missed our colleagues who did not make it to York. the event was well organised and I was delighted to meet our colleagues once again after the residential program in Zurich.

    Above all I enjoyed the company of our professors who helped us achieve the MALIC, and of course we missed you MItra as it would have been a great opportunity to appreciate your support in person.

    looking forward to meeting you all again.


  8. Amro Sherif Hassan Mohamed

    please provide me with admission criteria if i like to study with your college in Great Britain.
    dates of admission during the year.

  9. khalida

    Congratulations for all, you inspire me to do my MBA online, i am from Jordan hope one day i can achive this goal.

    Best of luck to all



    Am a needy person & wish to come over for my masters & at the same time wish to get a scholarship from your end if possible.

    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Hello Francisca,

      Our MALIC programme is online – with a one week mandatory residency in either in Zurich or York.

  11. Mandy aley

    Quite interesting to see the various combination group in such a colourful moments. This make life more uniques and joy that live is full of innovations and moments to accelerate in the individuals for collective goals.
    We all need this moment to our world increaseingly innovative and better sharing acknowledge for equal opportunities and global development.

  12. Mervyn Extavour

    It has been a most rewarding, exciting, encouraging and invigorating traditional and historical experience of one’s lifetime.

    Cannot express in words the ceremonial excellence of the graduation – with so much European images of social and economic development all woven in with the educational journey – I recommend it to anyone seeking real professional development & achievement.

  13. Anne Mwaura

    It was amazing to see how many of us made it to the graduation ceremony in York- a worthwhile effort I must say. Seeing colleagues once again after our short stay in Zurich at the Residency or on online forums was simply great. The memories of the long journey to MALIC and the new friends and knowledge will remain with me for a long long time. We made it folks- Congratulations! and once again Kudos to our committed Professors and Lecturers!

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