DILO (A day in the life of) a RKC’s master’s student – Michael Watyoka

Through the #DILO series of blog posts, we have been bringing you insights into the life of our master’s students, sharing their thoughts and opinions, ups and downs, and key learning points during their online studies. The whole idea behind this series is to make you aware of the realities of online studies and aid you in decision making.   

This week we take a look  at a day in the life of one of our master’s degree student, Michael. Here are a few insights and some words of wisdom that Michael has to share from his own experience:  

There is no better way to learn than from those who came before and see if what worked for them. It will help you become a better student and, hopefully, help you make an informed decision.

An Introduction

Which programme did you choose and why?

University of Cumbria’s MBA Masters of Business Administration in Finance and sustainability.

The Study Plan

How did you plan to study each module, and what was the reality? For example, how many hours did/do you have to put in each day/or in a week?

I wanted to complete the programme in 12 months. Since l had limited financial resources coming from Africa – Zimbabwe to be precise, l choose to fully concentrate on my Master’s and take a break from work. So I was studying full-time. Since I had a 12 months period deadline set, I was studying more than 15 hours everyday so as that I finish the programme in my stipulated time.

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash.

What part of the day did/do you find most suitable to study? (e.g. early mornings, lunch break, evenings, weekends?)

Keeping my target in mind of completing the programme in 12 months, l would study from 9 am until 8pm with some breaks in between. So l can’t say any particular time of the day – it was a big sacrifice.

How much time did you devote to each assignment?

When l started every module, I would go straight to the final assessment question, then will start to approach it, so that I will be ready by the time of submission which is normally after 12 weeks

Travelling and Communication

How did travelling impact your ability to study?

I had less travelling so it didn’t impact so much.

How were you able to interact with peers and/or professors given the time differences?

The time zone or difference had little impact since in Africa, there are seasons will be l hour ahead or the same time zone with Zurich.

A typical day as a master’s student

What does a typical day as an Online master’s student look like for you?

It was like a normal college day for me since I was reading or researching. l was always busy.

Any advice?

Any advice you have for students to better plan their studies.

I put planning as the first thing. Working hard and discipline are the key pillars of success. l was studying sometimes 3 modules per term or 2 modules including dissertation. If you want a 12 months program, you must be prepared to sacrifice.

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Vidhi is an MBA graduate and has prior finance experience working with the United Nations and in Corporate Banking. A former education advisor, Vidhi pioneered the social media and content marketing team at Robert Kennedy College since 2017. A dynamic and creative person at heart, her passion is to kindle flames of inspiration and positivity within you. While in her day job Vidhi enjoys penning down solutions to academic and personal student issues; she loves to paint a beautiful sunset outside her work. An avid travel enthusiast (lived in India, UK and the US), Vidhi is now exploring her newfound love for skiing in Canada.


  1. Kis Henry

    This is very inspiring. I’m combining my studies with freelance work. My challenge is that I can’t predict how busy I’ll be. Your experience inspires self-discipline and is a motivation for me, even though I am nearing the end of my MBA programme.

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