Master’s…Now or Later?

A majority of the people struggle with this question, whilst contemplating to pursue a Master’s: should they start their Master’s now or later? Being at different stages of their lives, prospective students find the reasons to postpone the Masters primarily are lack of time (they have full time and demanding jobs), their jobs require them to travel a lot, lack of money and family responsibilities. So when is the right time to pursue your Master’s? Right after you finish your undergraduate degree? Or rather wait for couple of years and then become a student again?

There are on set ways and either approach works for different people.

Advantages of starting your Master’s right after finishing your undergraduate degree:

  1. Still in a habit of studying : People start working right after undergraduate degree to earn a salary, support life-style, family, buy house etc. and the delay becomes indefinite. When you start your Master’s early, you are still habitual to studying, attending classes, submitting assignments, without having to worry much about other chores of your life.
  2. Peer Support: Everything gets harder as the time flies. Generation gaps are huge these days, even between first and second year students. So when you start early, you will find peers of your age and generation and the support and understanding is better.
  3. Be able to plan ahead and define better goals: After completing your undergraduate degree you have a fair idea of what you want to do and where you want your career to head. A Master’s degree will help plan your future better and give it a definitive direction in the field you want to be in eg. Finance, Healthcare, Media, Human Resources, project or Information systems management.
  4. Give you an edge in job market: Appearing for a job interview and having a Master’s degree already on your resume, will give you an edge and put you way ahead of others.

Advantages of starting your Master’s later in your professional lives:

  1. Switch careers: This is one of the most popular and easiest way to switch your careers to different fields, no matter what stage of your career you are in. You can start alternate careers or even enrich your existing jobs with new knowledge of the Master’s degree.
  2. Fund your Masters: When you have worked for a couple of years, it becomes easier for you to fund your Masters’ yourself or even secure an education loan. You find yourself in a better position financially.
  3. Build a valuable experience: Most of the students studying online bring with them vast seas of practical knowledge and add to the quality of the course in group assignments, interactions, and discussions. You are able to apply the theoretical knowledge of the course to the practical business world in real time with the online programmes.
  4. Clarity of life and career: you would have a better vision and aim for your life and know exactly where you want your career to head.


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Vidhi Kapoor

Vidhi is an MBA graduate and has prior finance experience working with the United Nations and in Corporate Banking. A former education advisor, Vidhi pioneered the social media and content marketing team at Robert Kennedy College since 2017. A dynamic and creative person at heart, her passion is to kindle flames of inspiration and positivity within you. While in her day job Vidhi enjoys penning down solutions to academic and personal student issues; she loves to paint a beautiful sunset outside her work. An avid travel enthusiast (lived in India, UK and the US), Vidhi is now exploring her newfound love for skiing in Canada.


  1. Linda Schaefer

    Could you please send information about the tuition fees and such for the Masters programs and as well the time to complete.
    Thank you

  2. Isaac Godfrey Shawa

    What is the rate of a CHF to a US dollar? I would like to know how much 12,000 CHF is in terms of US dollars and in turn in our Zambian kwacha

  3. Sriram Hariharan

    Good day
    My name is Sriram Hariharan and i am the director of Food & beverage & Culinary with a reputed luxury hotel company in the United States
    i hold a diploma in hotel management from a reputed institute in India and a diploma in hotel management from American Hotel and Motel association.
    I also hold an associates degree in Culinary arts from The Culinary Institute of America. I am certified specialist of wine and hold a WSET level 3 in wines.
    total work experience with Taj group of hotels 5 yrs
    Total work experience with luxury hotels is 18 yrs ( 16 yrs United states and 2 yrs in Middle east )
    My long term goal is to be a professor and teaching the future generations of my vast experience in culinary & food and beverage management. I am very keen to study further to accomplish this goal.

    Will i qualify for a masters program with my work experience and education?

    • Hello Sriram,
      We welcome applications from students who may not have formal/traditional entry criteria but who have relevant experience. Talk to our education advisor to check your eligibility to apply. Chat LIVE on WhatsApp to get more information about the programme and admission reqiurements.

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