Attitude or Aptitude?

In my last blog, I talked about Entrepreneurship in modern times. It encompassed the various factors that led to the rise of entrepreneurship and why being your own boss is rather beneficial than working for someone else. However that made me thinking, what really makes a good entrepreneur? Having being said that the economic, political and social environment are pro-entrepreneurship and new businesses, not everyone is doing it. And not everyone who tried it, tasted success. There could be many reasons for the failure – wrong product, not the right market, not enough marketing, competition etc. But if I narrow it down to the Entrepreneur themselves – would be right to say – success/failure really pivoted upon the entrepreneur’s Attitude. Failure is actually a learning curve for any individual or organization. As Thomas Edison rightly quote, “ I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. This is where ‘Attitude’ comes into play. An entrepreneur with the right attitude never gives up! Most successful entrepreneurs, including James Dyson, Walt Disney, Vera Wang and Steve Jobs, failed several times before winning big. Steve Jobs was even fired from Apple in 1985! Steve Jobs said, “ Don’t Let the noise of other’s opinion drown out your own inner voice”.

This holds true for the employees’ of the organization as well. Attitude Or Aptitude? Which is a more crucial trait in an individual; this has been a debate amongst employers, businessmen, financiers and entrepreneurs equally. However if recruiter or entrepreneur has to choose one, they would choose the person with the right attitude every time.

This approach is backed up by studies which have shown that our 80 percent of our success is based on our EQ, compared to 20 percent for our IQ. This means that aptitude only accounts for a paltry 20 percent of our success. It has become a famous recruitment phrase – “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills” –  It is easier to train aptitude than attitude. While attitude is positive / negative / indifferent feeling towards a person, object, event or idea; aptitude is a competency to do certain kind of work. One can always develop, learn or harness their skills or ability to do things. It is really hard to change someone’s attitude, that one develops over years, with factors such as family, upbringing, peers, prejudices, media, social, educational, religious and physical factors, influencing attitude.


Also, it’s easier to overcome obstacles with the right attitude. Any business or organisation constantly faces new challenges and in such difficult times, its only people with right attitude, determination and resilience can envision and direct the company out of the corporate mess.

Always remember, Your Attitude not your Aptitude, will determine Your Altitude!

Vidhi Kapoor

Vidhi is an MBA graduate and has prior finance experience working with the United Nations and in Corporate Banking. A former education advisor, Vidhi pioneered the social media and content marketing team at Robert Kennedy College since 2017. A dynamic and creative person at heart, her passion is to kindle flames of inspiration and positivity within you. While in her day job Vidhi enjoys penning down solutions to academic and personal student issues; she loves to paint a beautiful sunset outside her work. An avid travel enthusiast (lived in India, UK and the US), Vidhi is now exploring her newfound love for skiing in Canada.


  1. Kilei Kilinda

    Truly speaking in the 21st century, self employment is in Pari pasu with any other form of employment. As aforeemphasised, it is all in the name of mind set . We can say all what pertains to reasonability in pursuing an agenda, however, all said and done” organization of beliefs around a conceipt, object, subject that predisposes one to act in a prefential manner….thus ATTITUDE plays a pivotal role in an endeavor to occupy oneself meaningfully….which by extension embraces ENTERPRENEURSHIP.
    One can influence attitude change but as mentioned in one of the write ups “you cannot teach attitude”

    • Hi Kilei, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I could not agree more on your take of Attitude’s pivotal role in one’s life and it by an extension embracing entrepreneurship! Very well said!

  2. Garth

    Possessing the requisite attitude along with aptitude contributes to one’s ability to be successful in the world of business.

  3. What an enlightening post that has articulated ATTITUDE as paramount factor to one’s success. I believe this post was meant specifically for me to revise and sharpen my approach to my business development as co founder of an ICT & Business Consultancy start up. Thanks for sharing.

  4. mashilo

    I fully agree with the write up .Attitude can build or break good business plans. Good attitude will always see an opportunity in a problematic situation but bad attidute will see obstacles . Intrepreneurship is about bravery and positive thinking and a good attitude will play a pivotal role throughout .

  5. E. Ofori-Barfi

    Am really awakened by this post……….so piercing, “ Your attitude, not your aptitude will determine your altitude”
    Thank you Vidhi.

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