Students for students: Thirunda’s advice on “buying time”

Officially the person with the longest name on the residency, Thirunda comes from Sri Lanka and had the following to share with himself if he was able to travel back in time to the start of his studies:

Thirunda also has some crazy video editing skills, and we’re hoping to be able to show you that pretty soon. Stay tuned!

Dr. Radu Negoescu

After finishing his MSc in Computer Science and working as a freelance consultant for several companies, including RKC, Radu went back into research and completed his PhD in Computer Science at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL) and the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny. His research interests lie at the intersection between traditional computer science and human behaviour, and he has now returned to RKC hoping to pass forward some of the knowledge and skills acquired during his PhD studies to current and future managers, while at the same time help RKC maintain its long-standing focus on quality.


  1. Viv

    Thirunda: You are so right about keeping up! If one starts to slip behind it is hard to catch up, and of course it takes double the time to do so!

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