Residency week at RKC: Listen to what our students have to say about it. Make an informed decision!

From the very start of my time with RKC, one of the questions I get asked the most is: What differentiates RKC’s online programmes from those offered by other universities?

I used to answer that RKC has been around in online education for more than 20 years, has developed the experience and technology to deliver a top-quality online education experience and has exclusive partnerships with three very recognisable and government accredited British universities, all of which are very valid and important points. 

However, in my opinion and, more importantly, in the opinion of a vast majority of our students, the biggest differentiator is the one-week residency programme we conduct either at the college campus in Zürich, Switzerland or at the university campus in the United Kingdom. 

This is a mandatory part of most of the programmes we offer (we have just launched a range of fully online ones too though) and you will have to attended one such week if you intend to graduate with the master’s degree. Now, I know that traveling for the residency is not easy: you will have to take time off, there is the added cost of stay, flight tickets, visa, local travel and food, etc. But the response to this part of the programme has been overwhelmingly positive from our students. 

Most of our students haven’t been in a classroom environment in a very long time and this one week is exciting. You get to go back in time and relive your school/ college experience, but in a whole new light, with the added benefit of experience and the confidence of an accomplished professional life.

You enjoy interacting face to face with the professors and fellow students, clarifying doubts and having fun doing it. Most times the focus of the residency is on preparing you to start your dissertation – research methods, discussion of actual ideas with colleagues and professors. You also get to network with your fellow students, not only forming lifelong friendships beyond this one week but also potential future business partnerships. 

Here is a short video of our students talking about their residency experience, you can judge for yourself the value and takeaways our students derive from the residency programme.     

So, which programme is right for you? Not a question I am able to answer via a blog post, I’m afraid, but if you want to find out, you can get in touch with our team of admission advisers who can have a look at your profile and give you some advice.  

Explore the number of specialised master’s degree programmes offered by Robert Kennedy College through exclusive partnerships with top British universities. Or, if you have already made up your mind, click here to apply.

Sahil Devasia

Sahil Devasia has a bachelor’s degree in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science with an MBA in Marketing. He has a wide gamut of professional experience, from the Merchant Marines to the Banking and Finance industries and has been associated with Robert Kennedy College since 2015.  His favourite song is Bon Jovi’s - It's My Life and his ambition in life is to be the “World’s best Dad”. 


  1. Dexter J Parker

    The over view seems interesting, I am looking forward to my Residency that is schedule for 29/06/2020 to 3/07/2020 at Salford University in. Manchester United Kingdom .

    Dexter J Parker

  2. Nur Abdi Hassan

    I’m welcoming this opportunity and very interesting to enjoy that week offer that provide our RKC. I’d requested from 25 my 2020 up to 31 may 2020 at UNIVERSITY CUMBRIA UK If possible.
    If so not or its difficult to get it can be shared with if available other place.

    I wish to success.
    Best regarding.

  3. Amos Kimaru

    Having submitted my final dissertation on the last day of this leap year i cant help but reminisce on this beautiful experience. Am a whole new me and I must say I loved the residency week of February 2019 in Zurich. Apart from meeting fellow students from around the world, it was richly rewarding to interact with the Dean himself Dr. Costa, Professor Jacob’s and last but definitely not the least Dr. Benson. It left me wondering what a full residency course would be like! I must say i made the right decision enrolling for this online program and despite the challenges of balancing work family life and study, I would do it again. I now look forward to the graduation and the ceremony itself.

    • I am happy to note that you have enjoyed your residency experience and found it rewarding. I am sure you will enjoy the graduation ceremony, it is after all the cherry on the cake 🙂

    • Dear Lucia, We are currently discussing this with our partners and have begun preparing alternative “virtual residencies” modules to replace face-to-face ones during this pandemic at the very least. If you are a student, please follow the announcements in the OnlineCampus, if you are a prospective student, our team of Educational Advisers will be able to tell you what your specific programme of study’s approach is.
      Stay healthy!

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