Exciting New Announcement – RKC is now offering a PhD programme!

It is a dream come true moment for several doctorate programme aspirants, who anxiously awaited the launch of PhD programme at Robert Kennedy College. Well, the wait is now over!

Robert Kennedy College proudly offers an online PhD programme in collaboration with the University of Gloucestershire. 

The University of Gloucestershire was founded in 1847 and holds its title and degree-awarding authority from His Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council. It is globallyrecognised.

University of Gloucestershire

The PhD programme, intended to boost your career achievement, is a simple 2 stage programme.

Programme Description

Stage 1: RKC’s Executive Diploma in Advanced Research. The requirements to join are a master’s degree in any discipline, with priority given to Robert Kennedy College graduates. Course duration: 3 to 6 months. 

Stage 2: On completion of Stage 1, advance to the University of Gloucestershire’s PhD programme through a successful online interview, with a primary focus on dissertation writing in 1 to 6 years. 

Why choose a PhD with Robert Kennedy College and the University of Gloucestershire?

Robert Kennedy College, Zurich

Worldwide Recognition: The British doctorate awarded by University of Gloucestershire is accredited by British government and is respected globally.

100% online flexible learning: Whether you are a busy professional or a busy parent, this programme will fit into your hectic schedule seamlessly allowing you to maintain a balance between professional, personal and academic lives.

Duration: Executive Diploma in Advanced Research can be completed in 3-6 months at Robert Kennedy College. Upon successful completion of the diploma, advance to the University of Gloucestershire’s PhD programme through a successful online interview, with a primary focus on dissertation writing in 1 to 6 years.

Specialization options: The programme offers diverse specialisations such as Strategic and Digital Marketing, Law, Accounting and Business Strategy.

Dedicated mentorship: Students receive dedicated support and guidance throughout their academic journey.

How to Enrol:

Stage 1

Executive Diploma in Advanced Research requires a Master’s degree in any discipline, with priority given to Robert Kennedy College graduates. Click here to apply for the programme.

Stage 2

University of Gloucestershire PhD. Entry to this programme is through completing Robert Kennedy College’s Executive Diploma in Advanced Research programme (stage 1) and being interviewed online by your supervisory team.

Programme Outline

Stage 1
Executive Diploma in Advanced Research

• Philosophy and Approaches to Research • Methodologies and Methods

Stage 2
University of Gloucestershire PhD

Individual Dissertation Supervision: Benefit from personalised guidance and supervision at the University by two supervisors, ensuring a focused and supportive environment for your doctoral research.

Tuition fee and payment plan

Stage 1 – Executive Diploma in Advanced Research

The total tuition fee is 7000 CHF. For RKC graduates, we offer an exclusive tuition rate of 6000 CHF, equivalent to approximately US$ 6800. This all-inclusive fee can be conveniently divided into six interest-free monthly instalments of 1000 CHF each.

Stage 2 – University of Gloucestershire PhD

The annual fee for 2024/5, after completing the diploma, is 6400 CHF approx US$ 7367. Non-UK residents receive a £ 2000 fee waiver of the published international fees.

Embark on your academic journey and apply online for the PhD programme today. For the fee If you still have any questions, one of our education advisors will guide you through the requirements and admission process.

Vidhi Kapoor

Vidhi is an MBA graduate and has prior finance experience working with the United Nations and in Corporate Banking. A former education advisor, Vidhi pioneered the social media and content marketing team at Robert Kennedy College since 2017. A dynamic and creative person at heart, her passion is to kindle flames of inspiration and positivity within you. While in her day job Vidhi enjoys penning down solutions to academic and personal student issues; she loves to paint a beautiful sunset outside her work. An avid travel enthusiast (lived in India, UK and the US), Vidhi is now exploring her newfound love for skiing in Canada.


  1. Koffi Alagbo

    Thanks for the announcement. I would like to have more details on the programme such as starting dates and stage 2 fees installment.

  2. Philip Tan Meng Ngee

    I am 69 years old and am interested in a Doctor of Law degree (phD) through this program.

    I have been a corporate Finance professional involved in restructuring and international finance but I am now semi-retired.

    I am currently attending the LLM program with one online residency module and the International Trade /Law of the sea module to complete both in January / February 2024, after which is my focus on the LLM required dissertation at which time I hope to be approved on a proposed corporate Governance comparative study paper between that of China and of Singapore.

    Along the same line of continuation in research. I hope to extend and expand my legal studies on key corporate governance issues between China and that of Europe whereby, I hope my contribution in the academia could bring nations together through better appreciation of legal structures understandings so to bring resolvements of differences for the benefit of future generations. A Doctoral research program in law would be appropriate through my business and professional contacts in China and other parts of Asia.

    I hope to be accepted for this challenging program but beneficial and contributory to self and nations for the sake of global understandings, appreciation of culture and legal systems towards prosperity for all.

    With Best Regards
    Dr. Philip Tan

  3. Dr Philip Tan

    Mny tks Sahil
    A blessed 2024 ahead to you and All.
    I hope to continue with the PhD law after my LLM here at RKC n Salford Uni.
    I believe in continuing education especially when one can still contribute to society n the Academia at my age, recognising I would b enrolling to the program after I hit 70 ( Sep 24) but the research program would b for my contribution to legal progress in Asia with Europe. The process is a discipline n it would b an encouragement to all senior yo continue to contribute to knowledge .
    Thank you

    • Hi Philip,

      Wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year! I wish you all the best with your LLM programme, and I look forward to you continuing with the PhD programme afterwards.

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