Benefits of joining an Accredited University

A degree can have a significant impact of your career aspirations, from the opportunities extended to the salaries offered. However, your choice of university or college will have a major influence of these career opportunities. As more universities begin to offer degree programmes online, it’s especially important to know which ones provide the academic excellence desired by many employers.

The quality of your education is probably the most important consideration in making your decision as regards a college or a university, after all you will be investing a substantial amount of your time, effort and money in obtaining this degree and will be expecting a return on your investment.

Due to technological advancements and a growing need for organisations to have a qualified workforce, the number of universities and colleges that offer online programmes to meet this requirement have increased dramatically over the last few years. However not all programs deliver an excellent education.

Accreditation means that an institution was evaluated based on specific guidelines. Some of the benefits that an accredited university offers are:

  • To ensure that education provided by institutions meet an acceptable level of quality
  • Facilitate a graduate’s entry into certain licensure and certification programs
  • Ensure a university honours its promises to students
  • Monitoring and Improving education standards

Recruiters place importance on credentials and will likely verify whether a school is regionally accredited and this can have a direct impact on not only whether you get the opportunity offered but on the salary that is being offered. So ensure the degree programmes you consider are offered through a respected – and accredited – educational institution.

From the student perspective an accredited university will help you stand out from the competition when applying for the best jobs and give your prospective employers the confidence that you possess the skills and education they are looking for.

Robert Kennedy Collegewith almost 14,000 students from almost every county in the world offers one of the most diverse, accredited and globally recognised online master’s degree programmes in both Business Law, Leadership and Management through exclusive partnerships with British universities. For more information download programme catalogue.

Sahil Devasia

Sahil Devasia has a bachelor’s degree in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science with an MBA in Marketing. He has a wide gamut of professional experience, from the Merchant Marines to the Banking and Finance industries and has been associated with Robert Kennedy College since 2015.  His favourite song is Bon Jovi’s - It's My Life and his ambition in life is to be the “World’s best Dad”. 


  1. Alhassan Shaibu Abu

    To Whome it may concern.

    Good day from Ghana, i saw this on facebook and decides to contact. I want to know how I can be part of the students to persue a degree programme.

    Thank you.

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  3. Mervin

    Hi, I am interested in one of your programs, Innovation Leadership and Consulting, but my issue is that of accreditation. Can you provide assurances that your degree provided via York St John is fully accredited?

    • Dr. Radu Negoescu

      Hi Mervin,

      After you successfully complete the programme, you are invited to the York Minster in York and are given the exact same degree of York St John University that on campus students do.

  4. Adalat Khan

    I am interested in your Master degree MSc Data Analytics. This degree is from University of Cumbria. Is this degree really from this university and this is fully accredited?.

    Adalat Khan

    • Hi Adalat,

      Thank you for your interest in our programmes. Yes, the degree will be awarded by the University of Cumbria, UK, which is a British government accredited and recognised university, and as such the degree will be recognised worldwide.

      You can chat LIVE on WhatsApp with one of our Education Advisors for more information on all the programmes we offer, application process, and for information on discounts we might be offering at this time.

      Sahil Devasia

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