Why an online MBA, LL.M and MA?

As many of our readers are asking what makes our online Masters programmes stand out from the rest, I prepared a short video to explain the most important reasons for joining an online MBA, LL.M or MA programme offered in an exclusive partnership between Robert Kennedy College and the University of Cumbria.

If you have any questions about our programmes, feel free to get in touch with our educational advisers. You can apply for our programmes online by clicking here.

Dr. iur. David Costa

David Costa is Dean of Faculty and one of the founders of Robert Kennedy College. In his capacity as Dean, Dr. Costa oversees the faculty review process and several of the academic programmes of the college. Dr. Costa holds a Dr. iur. (Doctor Iuris, Doctor of Law) degree from the University of Basel, Switzerland where he researched the law and regulations related to synthetic investment products. Dr. Costa lectures in the area of Investment Law and Money Management, and is a frequent guest on business television channels such as CNBC Europe and Bloomberg Television.


  1. FONCHAM Ezekiel F,

    I am still fascinated with the RKC masters programs and more delighted with the zeal and effort that is made to keep prospective candidates like me informed as well as encouraged,
    I trust that my lot will fall in some time when am sure of my finances to engage a program and get through with it,

  2. Marcia

    Hi Professor Costa,

    Indeed I am keen to be on this programme as it offers the opportunity for me to comfortably stay home and get on with my masters. However, the planning of this will require a good chunk of money and time of which time is no problem but the money to invest is far too much for one payment.
    I believe the payments, if stretched out across the reading for this course, would be much more affordable and if viewed in the light of full time student rather than working adults, would be even more beneficial and attractive to the masses and the likes of me.
    I am indeed grateful but the fees are very daunting and require long term planning. I will continue to try my luck at enrolling with the hope that a reasonable offer can be made to me or a greater degree of autonomy is given to people like me.

  3. Isabella Mfaida Bonsu3

    Always encouraged with information that I know soon my finances will be sorted and shall not hesitate to begin the program. Thank you.

  4. enock okemwa

    Indeed am impressed and i look forward for joining your online MBA once more thanks for the lecture from David Costa its really encouraging.

  5. Richard Bendera

    Thank you very much prof. David Costa, Your still increase my desire of taking the master programs through online programm.
    Thank you.

  6. Daniel Osae-Affum

    I am currently studying MBA Leadership and Sustainability at the RKC/University of Cumbria. Doing it online, I have the opportunity of working full time and studying and also applying the knowledge at the same time. I love the case studies and working on real projects instead of old fashioned classroom exams. I recommend RKC to anyone especially those that need to combine work with studies.

  7. NSENGIMANA Ildephonse

    I am very interested about for higher leaning education in your university you hold. Actually I am under Graduate student at University of Rwanda, College of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Law, I am studying in last year LLB IV.I would like to continue my study in LL M in Business Law Online program.

  8. Mutale Mbalamwshi

    What you have said Dr Costa is indeed true, am just doing MBA and i will be graduating this year 2015 and i have already seen how wide the opportunities are, its wealth studying.

  9. Russel Godfrey DSouza

    I am a student of the MBA L&S. Thanks to the Robert Kennedy College and University of Cumbria I am able to receive a high level of student support and a quality British education whilst living anywhere in the world with an Internet connection thus allowing me the flexibility of working, travelling and continuing my chosen lifestyle.

  10. okoro vanessa ochuko

    I love this opportunity. Work and study. I’m however curious as to if/ when there is a deadline for application. Also I’d love to have more details about the program.

  11. Anthony kevin Mutua

    Indeed good insight Dr.costa, I intend to start off by beginning of may that’s when I can put my finances together. I have applied already awaiting feedback from Mr. Vijay as he is handling my application. Very good prospects indeed.

    best regards,


  12. Fola

    Dear Dr. Costa,
    I must say you and your entire team (i.e. including the Admission Officers) are most impressive. You have already won first choice in my desire for Higher Academic expereince.
    Thank you again for the personable manner of this explanatory interface.
    I look forward to joining list of your esteemed graduates, soon
    Best Regards

  13. Ricardo Frechaut

    Dr. IUR David Costa,

    Thank you for the opportunity of improving my level and knowledge.

    I’ll joing the Online MBA in Leadership and Sustainability RKC/University of Cumbria Programme, as soon as I solve the Availability of Budget for the Study.

    What I’ll like to know is if is that possible starting the study within the next 3 months.

  14. Okundolor Marvis Omorogbe

    i will like to apply in your great establishment to be your student in your school, to graduate and be retained as a lecturer / professor in your school. thanks sir.

  15. issa osman wadi

    it is wonderful comments i saw ,so i wish to be enrolled in this college on near future on media leadership master
    issa osman wadi

  16. Viliame Ritova


    I’ve just watched the video and its very encouraging. I live and work in Fiji and would really love to do this programme.

  17. Moses Gobagoba

    I have listened to Dr David Costa and I am now settled to pursue a MA with your college after I have solved my finances.

  18. Jean-Pierre Kabutako

    Very interesting video presentation. Your programmes sound relevant. I will managed not to miss this opportunity.

    Thank you.

  19. Austin Uchegbu

    Thank you Dr Costa, for all the information on your on line MA programmes. I hope apply as soon as I am sure of the funding.

  20. rejoice

    Dear Dr iur David Costa
    Sounds interesting but for now still going Through some financial restrains, Will apply as soon as l am in the clear, Thank You.


    It’s a great opportunity to study and work at the same time . I am also impress with the entire team with their prompt response and willingness. I have started the admission process and hope to start soon. Thank you, Dr.

  22. Eyimofe Ekoko

    I have read all the responses and comments from prospective students but like real life situation its different stroke for different folks. My main worry as at now is to be able to predict the right time because of various schedule that can surface without without prior clue and also to be able meet the financial commitment as and at when due to avoid unnecessary pressure.
    As soon as these issue are taken care of the time of commencent will be communicated.
    E. I. Ekoko

  23. Maha

    do you have other programs than the ones mentioned in the video as (geoscience program , geology or geophysics ) ?

    • Jaclyn Lusk

      Hello Maha, We do not have a master in geoscience, geology or geophysics, but you might find that our Online MBA may still help to advance your career.

  24. Abrham

    Always encouraged with information that I know soon my finances will be sorted and shall not hesitate to begin the program. Thank you.

  25. nkounkou boukaka

    hello Prof David Costa!
    is DEIS,i want give you my candidature for academic programm of next year 2018- 2019 in healhcare

  26. Lulu Ellah Kapumpe Kafwimbi

    I would like to pursue a Masters degree in Medical Law. I cant seem to get any help/response to my query

    • admin

      We do not offer any Masters in Medical Law. If you are interested in an LL.M we have the LL.M International Business or maybe an MBA in International Healtcare Management would also be interesting to you. You can see a list of all programmes here: https://rkc.swiss/programmes

  27. Abdullah

    Hi Professor Cost,
    Thanks for the wonderful program. May I know if your institution offers a specific healthcare program class namely International Health Systems?

  28. Sulafah j

    This for sure looks interesting, i wonder how many hours a day from your experience does it need to study daily for this program, and as I understand the degree of master we receive at the end will not be called (online master) we would be certified exactly like if we studied with physical presence right? Also in regards to the thesis is their a thesis at the end or is the master accomplished only by finishing the courses as i hope🤞🏻,,and finally if we needed to receive our certificate without having to attend the ceremony for any reason is that possible,, many thank .

    • Hello Sulafah, Thank you for your interest in our Online programme. Regarding the no. of hours required to study is subjective and dependent on the student’s ability. Yes, you receive the same degree certificate as a full-time student from the University of Cumbria. A dissertation has to be submitted at the end of the programme. Yes, if you wish not to attend the graduation ceremony, the degree certificate will be mailed to you. Hope this helps!
      Stay safe and healthy.

  29. Guillaume Neze Boneza

    Bonjour cher vos enseignements se font seulement en anglais ou vous avez un autre programme français ? Et il faudra payer combien pour toute l’année académique pour le Master en économie industrielle par exemple

    • Hello Guillaume,

      Thank you for your interest.

      Please ask your question in English, as I do not know French. Please note, all our programmes are conducted only in English, and good knowledge of English is mandatory to apply for our programmes.

      Sahil Devasia


    am very much interested in doing a program in law, but i only have National Diploma in Marketing Management, do you perhaps have a bridging course to take me to a Law Degree.

  31. Alfred

    Dear Dean,

    Am grateful for the short video your shared .

    May I know at what step I should pay for the admission fee ,if any? and if I paid say in Jan 2021 what is the validity period beyond which I may be asked to re-aply?

    • Hi Wale,

      Thank you for your interest. Yes, we offer a number of MBA programmes and other master’s degree programmes. You can chat LIVE on WhatsApp with one of our education advisors for more information on all the programmes we offer, the application process, and for information on discounts we might be offering in these particularly challenging times.


    • Hi Willis,

      Thank you for your interest. We offer a number of discounts and offer fee payments in interest-free monthly instalments. Chat LIVE on WhatsApp with one of our education advisors for more information on all the programmes we offer, the application process, and for information on discounts we might be offering in these particularly challenging times.

  32. Patrick Mauvhanga

    Really great . I think this is one of the best as far as articulation and information dissemination is concerned. Really like it Dr Costa . Will come and have the best from your side .

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