University of Cumbria MBA and Master in International Business Management Video

Professor Jem Bendell, Director of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability at the University of Cumbria introduces the online mba program offered in Exclusive Partnership with the Robert Kennedy College. As you can see in the video our students attend a one week compulsory residency at the University of Cumbria. Through this innovative blended learning methods our students can enjoy the flexibility of online learning with a unique residential experience at the University of Cumbria in England.

Dr. iur. David Costa

David Costa is Dean of Faculty and one of the founders of Robert Kennedy College. In his capacity as Dean, Dr. Costa oversees the faculty review process and several of the academic programmes of the college. Dr. Costa holds a Dr. iur. (Doctor Iuris, Doctor of Law) degree from the University of Basel, Switzerland where he researched the law and regulations related to synthetic investment products. Dr. Costa lectures in the area of Investment Law and Money Management, and is a frequent guest on business television channels such as CNBC Europe and Bloomberg Television.


  1. mohamed ahmed alaa eldin

    i am from egypt i Do not have a lot of money so I would like to come to study and I work and pay the amounts owed ​​to the college and I was worked as technician lot of money I’m working technician and studied at arab academy in Egypt and received a certificate of large maritim cheif engineers if sir you can help me

  2. Gebrekiros Belay

    Dear Dr. David Costa Dean of Faculty and one of the founders of Robert Kennedy College. How are you I am fine. I am from the poor country east Africa that is Ethiopia. I am eager to register and learn on line at your College. But as I have introduce I am from the poorest country my living stand is from hand to mouth. So could you please gate for me the opportunity of scholarship in order to attend in college. How could I gate this opportunity?

    Thank you

    Gebrekiros Belay

    • We are Really sorry but, regretfully, we do not offer any financial support and assistance. This said we do offer the opportunity to take the one module entry path to the MBA and a payment plan by installments.


    Dr. can i also apply for International business when i have a degree in Actuarial science which iam yet to get in January 2013? thanks Dr. David Costa

    • Hello Wamanga,
      As soon as you receive your degree you will be eligible to apply for the Master in International Business Management but as each application is handled individually you might want to contact the admission team whenever you are ready to start.

  4. mouhoumoud Yahiya

    I have an A level since 1999 (French education system). I enrolled in a University for Maths and physics but left for some reasons. I also have a working experience of 8 years as a Secretary in an International Organisation. Is it possible for me to apply to apply for a degree in leadership and sustainability? Please advise me. As I await for your reply please accept, Mr. Dean, my best regards.

  5. Dear Course Director,

    Please confirm with me that MBA in International Business is a specialized program within the faculty of Leadership and Sustainability in Business. I submitted by final dessertaion for MBA LS on 30th September, 2012.

    Best regards.
    Da Omen

    • Hello Da,
      we offer an Master in International Business Management (not an MBA in this field) congratulations for submitting your dissertation on the MBA & LS in our College and the University of Cumbria!

  6. joy

    This is interesting and wuld like to do this but the time for me to register is too shorr and besides I’m writin my CIA exams that is chartered institute of administration do u people have another session apart tfrom January

  7. Thanks Dr.Costa for all your encouraging mails. I would like start the program, but I need some clarifications on payment plan, the institution that awards the MBA degree and my suitability for the course as a corporate lawyer.
    Thanks again.
    Nelson Ogbuanya

  8. Paulo Feyh

    I keep on promising to myself that I will apply… but time is passing!
    Realistically speaking, what would be the total expenses I would incur in this one year program, all in, including the residency? Also, how the residency will work, is there any place at the campus or nearby to stay or do I need to book a hotel or something?
    Thank you for your help.
    Best regards,

    • Hello Paulo,
      thanks for your note. Indeed time is passing (sometimes to fast) so now it might be a good time to start. I will get sure that your educational advisor contacts you shortly with the relevant specific information. In the interim all the costs and general information are available in our catalogue that you can download at for the MBA in Leadership & Sustainability or for the general MBA. We do have various accommodation available at a walking distance from our Ambleside campus and are all fairly reasonably priced. All the best wishes in your MBA !

  9. Emran Hamid

    Dear Dr. D. Costa,

    Hi, I have submitted dissertation MBA – Wales program 16 weeks ago (result still to be awaited) .. can i apply in Masters also in International Business Management and i was really really wondering that RKC MUST also offer collborative certifications too like

    – IACCM (its a certified contract manager program)
    – PMP
    – Lead Auditors Certification

    I really like this institution and its so much to learn from here. Please also consider my request because it would definitely add a great value to the institution.

    Anticipating your reply.

    Best Regards,
    Emran Hamid

  10. Ali

    Dear Dr.

    I would like to congratulate for your best information concerning and straight to whom asked for further study to your college. I get interest because of your seriousness and care to all who need clarification from your college.
    I from Zanzibar, asking to you how your college recognized international?

  11. Edington, Elmo Gatsi

    dear sir

    I am really interested in MBA programming aligned with Marketing, but I’m financjally challenged at the moment. Kindly assist with the provision of a scholarship if possible.


  12. Edington, Elmo Gatsi

    Hie Dr

    What could be the monthly instalments for the MBA til I am through. If possible.

    Edington Elmo Gatsi

    • Mihai Secasiu

      The fees depend on which MBA programme you chose . As an example for the MBA ( Leadership and Sustainability ) with a an initial payment of 25% ( 2875 CHF ) over 18 months the montly fee would be about 479 CHF / month. There are a few other costs described here:

      For any questions feel free to contact us by email: team at rkc dot edu or phone: +41 844 007 007

  13. SLIMI Mohamed Abderrezak

    Je suis de formation francophonne . pour suivre cette formation en englais me parait déficil. Es-que il y a une formation de langue Engalise.
    thank you very mathe

  14. Karfa Jamanka

    It is the exact programme that I’ve been searching for and one find day…… I will surely join this exclusive club of excellence!Thanks a lot for the emails


    Dear Dr!

    I will join the RKC surely later; now, i am busy!

    Thinks a lot for all.


  16. Abdul Hassan


    May I know how much the total cost of this cors and how we can pay that and what’s your requirement for Afghan student ?


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