Mark The Date: 22 November 2012 Graduations at Carlisle Cathedral

Our University of Cumbria MBA in Leadership and Sustainability graduates will receive their award the upcoming 22 November at the Carlisle Cathedral

Will you be joining our 2013 graduations ?

Dr. iur. David Costa

David Costa is Dean of Faculty and one of the founders of Robert Kennedy College. In his capacity as Dean, Dr. Costa oversees the faculty review process and several of the academic programmes of the college. Dr. Costa holds a Dr. iur. (Doctor Iuris, Doctor of Law) degree from the University of Basel, Switzerland where he researched the law and regulations related to synthetic investment products. Dr. Costa lectures in the area of Investment Law and Money Management, and is a frequent guest on business television channels such as CNBC Europe and Bloomberg Television.


  1. Hi Mihai,
    Is graduation for MBA at UoC normally falls in November or is there a graduation ceremony scheduled earlier than that.
    Surely I want to join the next graduation.

    • Mihai Secasiu

      Hello Sir,

      From: :

      The graduation ceremonies for University of Cumbria awards will take place in Carlisle Cathedral.

      Provisional future dates
      Ceremonies at Carlisle Cathedral will take place in the following weeks:

      15th to 19th July 2013
      18th to 22nd November 2013
      Dates will be confirmed 6 months prior to the ceremonies.”

      Feel free to contact team at rkc dot edu for any other questions.

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